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Custom Tailoring - Custom Fit, Tightly Knit, Too Legit

About Me

Custom Tailoring By Cynthia


At  9, my passion for design and fashion began. I made clothing for my  dolls from scraps of clothing, clothing my siblings grew out of,  anything I could get my hands on! I created my own backpacks, and  thought of new creations in my head. I was fascinated.


My mother wanted me to explore a career in  nursing, as I came from a family in the medical field. However, once  admitted, I soon ran away from that field and spent time with a friend  who owned a boutique, that specialized in bespoke clothing. I was in  love. This is what I wanted.


My mother found out, disciplined me, but  understood in the end that I couldn’t handle the medical field life. I  went to school for 3 years to a fashion design college, and created many  beautiful pieces of clothing for my family. 

I  worked for a large company in Scottsdale, who sent me for training in  New York. Eventually, I went my own way and opened my own business about  3 years ago.  

I have been hungry and passionate  about being a seamstress and this business since I was a child. It’s a challenge, but, I am  ready and willing to tackle it. When I see the faces of my happy  customers, it’s a gift from God. I am truly blessed to be able to do  what I love.